Recently, as everyone knows, I’ve moved on from my past relationship. Yes, didn’t take much of a break, but fell in love with someone amazing. People might look down on me for getting into another relationship, but then again, as people grow up, they go through trials and errors in life. Mostly everyone isn’t going to be with their first love until “death do us part.” If you have, then I’m very happy for you! As for me, I always learned from my mistakes.

In the past, I’ve been through numerous relationships which have aired on TV. Some better than others, but mostly all wrong. I’ve always seemed to go for the “asshole” type of guy. Why? I have no idea, and maybe this stems back to my dad disappearing. In life people have to understand that in order to better yourself, you need to make mistakes in order to learn not ever to make those same mistakes again. You cannot dwell on your past either, but rather laugh about the bad times and go on with life making more of the good times.

Ever since moving from Myrtle Beach, SC to Wilmington, NC 6 months ago, I’ve become a happier person. When I first moved back to my home state of North Carolina, I was afraid I might get more anxiety from encountering people from my past that I would run into. I always had to tell myself, “Those aren’t the people you should be associating with; make new friends; DON’T BE SCARED!”. Being on this show makes it hard to be an ordinary person and to accept that people actually want to be your friend. Over the last few years of my prior relationship, it made me very anti-social. I had to learn the ‘old Jenelle’ again. By doing this, I cut old people out and let new people in. By doing this, I met David.

David has been a huge supporter of me over these past five months since meeting him and now dating. He is very caring and the most understanding man I’ve ever met in my life. He showed me that co-parenting with an ex ISN’T impossible, no matter how hard it may be.He has a daughter and a son ( we aren’t going to speak about his son). The first time I met his ex-wife, I saw that she was the sweetest girl and very mature about the situation of exchanging their daughter so she could stay every weekend with us. David has also taught me to never give up on any situation. There are times where I have given up on myself and broke down crying. He steps in and takes over immediately. He then shows me that I need to have patience at the end of the day, and everything will always come together.

Moving back to North Carolina was also such a big deal to me because, of course, as everyone knows, I do not have custody of my first son, Jace. I was going to wait for it and see how my mom felt about me moving back, hoping and praying I can have my son as well. It seems like things aren’t changing as of now. Within this past couple of weeks, I realized I’m going to fight a tough battle between my own mother and me because she will not let me have my son back. I think maybe she’s too attached to him, or maybe she doesn’t want to be alone. I never thought my mother would still put up such a battle with me, knowing I’m sober, knowing my dating life is perfect, and everything has been smooth sailing since I’ve moved back. Whatever the case may be, I think I’ve waited long enough. I’m hoping within these next couple of months that getting custody of Jace is going to be the biggest accomplishment I’ve ever made in my life, and I cannot wait until that day!

I hope you enjoy the pictures from our trips to St. Thomas and Florida 🙂

Love, Jenelle