Summer came to an end super quickly! With that being said, I wanted to give you guys an update what I’ve been up to lately and share some new pictures.


Update on my pregnancy? It’s been going very well! No morning sickness, unlike the first trimester for me which was horrible. Heartburn isn’t too bad and starting to feel little Miss. Ensley kicking and moving more and more every day. Having a girl, this time, is so exciting and very different! I’m so used to raising boys. My doctor’s appointments have been perfect and Ensley is measuring what she should be at this stage of my pregnancy. I’m hoping it keeps going as smoothly as it is now, haha!


As for everything else I’ve been promising to share with you, I’m still working on a lot of things for the future. This week has been a very busy one preparing everything! I’ll be able to share one of the projects I’ve been working on for months now and it’s almost 100% ready to launch! I will share that it’s a product for the medical field and for pregnant women. This device can even help a woman during breastfeeding! It carries lots of healthy benefits and is organic, so what can get better than that? I’m super ecstatic and honored to help represent such a great company especially with myself being known for starring on “Teen Mom 2”. I also have two other products I’m working on that will launch shortly after, but one step at a time of course!


I’m currently putting my book on hold. I still have a perfect/unique idea for the book that no one else will have shared, like myself, of their life experiences.  When I have the appropriate time, I’ll be able to focus more on producing my book.


These pictures below I’m sharing in this blog are the ones I went to NYC for two weeks ago. I’m finally able to share them with you all which I’m very happy about! A friend of mine reached out to me knowing I was going to NYC for business and said she had a photographer that would love to do a maternity shoot. I checked out her page, Alli Murphy Photography on Facebook, and fell in love with some of her work, so I decided, “Why not?”. I had an amazing time and it was very stress-free. Alli is very great at her work and knows how to make any woman feel gorgeous and sexy, even if you’re pregnant! LOL!


Hope you guys like the photos! I know this blog isn’t too personal but next week’s blog will be. Help me with topics for blogs each week! Tweet me… @PBandJenelley_1

Thanks to these ladies for everything, once again!

Makeup: @makeupbykatrinanyc

Hair: @atouchofclassboutiquehairsalon

Photography: @allimurphyphotos

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