Hey guys! I really wanted to share with you some of my photography magic, and the truth. Haha! As you saw by our ‘Save The Date’ picture on Instagram, we really went all out with our photo!

Believe it or not we did take this picture ourselves!  We did use a little bit of Pinterest ideas to get our mind flowing, with my little best friend by my side. 🙂


We decided on forever underneath a very special tree to us that is on our land. We started clearing more areas and kept this huge pecan tree that gave us the best idea… our wedding!

Back to our idea, David built a fake fence. Yes, not lying. After an hour of hard work in 100 degree heat, he put the finishing touches on with white paint and a small brush.

Stay tuned this season starting on July 17th to watch Teen Mom 2 on MTV and our wedding this season! 🥂⛪️