Ok, so I told you guys that I would keep up with my blog this time around and LOOK AT ME GO! 😛  Alright so maybe 2 entries is a little early for me to start with the ‘I told you so’s but it’s a start in the right direction, right?  

When I’m able to blog I actually enjoy being able to talk directly from me to my fans, no tabloid, no spin, just me being able to show a different side of myself and/or set the record straight.  And with so much going on I’ve realized it is much easier to just write a little here and there between Ensley’s naps, family meals, cleaning and bathing, than to try to carve out a block of time to do it.  I know MTV has some footage of me blogging but we never know what they will actually air and what will hit the cutting room floor so look for it in the upcoming season, it starts soon!  I actually don’t even know the date but I’m pretty sure MTV released it the other day…? This must be the reason they don’t pay me to promote lol, but it’s going to be a good one.  You will definitely see all the court drama between me and my mom unfold and it is intense to say the least.

Back to the subject of this blog…So why am I scared?  This is going to sound kind of crazy at first but honestly, I’m scared of my book release!  Writing my book,  Read Between the Lines: From the Diary of a Teenage Mom was the easy part, it being released…now that is a hard thing-to open up some of your deepest thoughts, feelings and emotions to the world.

I know, I know, it’s weird to hear someone say that who has had years of their life broadcast on TV, but that is edited into nice little segments for your viewing pleasure. My book on the other hand is raw and contains subjects that I’ve been asked about a lot-but didn’t want to talk about. It also contains my personal journal entries, which 99% of people write, with the intention of the entries staying private. I could’ve left them out I suppose but I wanted my book to really let my fans delve into my past and even see it through my eyes with the journal entries. So ready or not, it will be released July 25th. I’m really hoping that you guys like it and that it will help you to understand me, the dynamic within my family, and my choices . Pre-order my book here –

Phew.  OK so on to another project that is wayyyy more light hearted and one of the funnest things I’ve taken on, my JEmojis!  If you haven’t heard about them, I have my very own set of emoji’s and I decided to do something a little out of the box with them.  When I first started talking about this with the creator, I (like most people) just wanted the most flattering emojis of me and my family in the set.  But then I began thinking about some of my most embarrassing (turned hilarious) moments (think hair feathers for the Ke$ha concert) and decided to just have a little fun at my own expense.  The JEmojis range from baby Ensley to Kieffer’s iconic green hoodie, and everything in between.  The best part is we will be adding more to the collection with updates often!  I really hope you guys have as much fun using them, as we had making them.  Get your very own JEmojis HERE

(My JEmojis are part of your phone keyboard and you can drag them into the text you’re sending!  I even included my cry face for the hatter nation (;  )


Super random and off topic but does anyone use Amazon’s music service?  My current one is really pissing me off so I thought I would try it since they have a 30 day free trial :/ So we shall see. 

Lastly, I’ve had lots of requests for more photos of baby Ensley and you guys…she is growing so fast that you just wouldn’t even believe it.  So maybe on another blog I will tell you more about our baby girl and share some private pics of her, but I will leave you with this photo that has made David and I laugh until we cried, it perfectly portrays a day in the life with a newborn….until next time 🙂