I don’t care what anyone says, being a mom just isn’t as easy as you think it is until you’ve done it and been in those shoes. There’s a few hard things and one of them is just not having enough time to look after your body and staying in shape. It’s a really important thing to me, both for my physical health, my energy levels and especially for my state of mind. You have to find things that help and fit your lifestyle and the@flattummytea detox is definitely one of those things for me. It’s safe and gentle which is really important, and it does all these good things for your body like speeding metabolism, improving digestion, stopping bloating and other things. I combine it with some light exercise when I have time, but it works well on it’s own as well. And it helps you get a flat tummy and look on point which is kind of the whole point of being healthy, right? So for me it’s been my go-to in the past and I’m getting back on it again to start off 2016 the right way. You should check @flattummytea out and I’ll be sharing more little tips like this and stuff about my fitness transformation journey soon. On the go in NY at the moment, heading home soon!