Let’s start out by saying that getting a tattoo is permanent. Once it’s done, there’s no taking it back! With that being said, random tattoos, are not the best idea. Growing up I’ve always wanted the first tattoo idea that I saw online, my children’s name, or walk-in and pick something completely random… as you can tell by every tattoo I have. Haha! Some of my tattoos have great meanings behind them, and others were just something I simply wanted or thought it “looked cool”. I’ve taken a look back at every tattoo I’ve gotten recently and do not regret any of them except for one in particular… MY EX-BOYFRIEND’S NAME.

At the time, I figured I’ve been with this man and did in-fact fall in love with him and honestly believed I would be with him the rest of my life in such a short period. I acted quickly, and we both came up with the idea to get an ambigram of each other’s names on our hips for being “attached at the hip”. This was one tattoo, again, that was totally random but at the time meant something to me which was understandable at the time but obviously not anymore. My advice to anyone about this lesson I learned in life is do not get anyone’s names tattooed on you that you’re in a current relationship with. The only exception I would say is a family member (child, mother, father, grandparent, etc.). Seems those are the only tattoos you’ll never regret because those are the people that will/have been in your life since day one and until the day you are gone or they are.

Covering up a tattoo that you do not like or want anymore is a harder process than it seems, for the person and the tattoo artist. Depending on how big the piece is you want to cover, you might need to go a little larger than the original tattoo. This means more pain over scar tissue, a bigger price for the tattoo, and trying to figure out an idea to cover it up with. It’s hard coming up with an idea because you and the tattoo artist have to agree with an idea and both be happy with the ending result.

The cover-up, pictured above, is an octopus with an ink blot below it which covers up my ex-boyfriend’s name. I put a lot of thought into this piece and it has been months in the making. I chose this tattoo because like an octopus uses it’s ink for a defense mechanism, I’m using this idea to cover up my old tattoo with the “ink” of the octopus over it as a defense for me to get rid of something that I don’t want to see anymore.

( wauyq5sh1nlvtpqjha5w.jpg )

( wauyq5sh1nlvtpqjha5w.jpg )

The pain chart above shows the areas of the body that are more sensitive when getting a tattoo. The red/blue areas are the most painful. There are numerous areas of the body to get tattoos; some are more sensitive than others. Before choosing a tattoo, think about different areas based on the chart, especially if it’s your first tattoo. For your first time, I would defiantly go with something small. As for me, getting this octopus I figured wouldn’t be that bad because I have a huge leopard on the side of my thigh, well I was completely wrong. Come to find out “love handles,” my tattoo artist told me, would be a little more painful than I was thinking. He was completely right! Having so many tattoos throughout my body I was able to endure the pain because I’m familiar with it, but I do not suggest getting a hip tattoo as your first one.

I really hope this blog helps everyone rethink their choice when getting a tattoo, the different pain levels you might experience, and how complicated a cover-up can really be! I uploaded videos below and pictures while I was getting it done. Hope you all enjoy!


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