I accomplished a lot growing up during my childhood believe it or not! I was always a shy kid and not too outgoing. I always focused on my schoolwork and keeping active. I was in Girl Scouts, cheerleading, loved video games, was a very outdoors person and camped with family, and enjoyed spending time at the beach with my older brother and sister. I was the youngest and baby of the family.

Some of my accomplishments include winning art contests, Project Fitness for the long jump, “Perfect Attendance”, “Most Improved” in cheerleading camp, and more listed below. My favorite thing to do growing up if I had to choose, would be cheerleading. I started in middle school in the 7th grade and once I was in 8th grade I had the greatest opportunity of being our team’s captain !!!! Going to camps in the summer for cheerleading made me fall in love with tumbling and stunts, yes I was a flyer! Doing half time shows for our school and pep rallies made me fall in love with dancing as well. Growing up in Pennsylvania, I started out with gymnastics at a young age and didn’t attend for long because I moved to North Carolina shortly after. Sadly I don’t have any pictures to share of my gymnastic days, sorry! I think it’s very important as a child to keep as active as possible and this taught me to have my kids grow up and be involved with as many things possible as they want to be. This is where I came up with the idea of Jace starting Cub Scouts and baseball! He absolutely loves it and hopefully this summer I can get him and Kai into more activities.

My mom was always adventurous before having any children. By the pictures below I guess you can say she had loads of fun and definitely lived her life to the fullest! The photos I shared of my mom’s trips, she went across the country and was always on the road looking for something new to do or great scenery to experience. As a child, she was the middle child of four kids. How was she the middle child? Well, my uncles were identical twins! That’s the one picture of my mother and her older sister holding their twin baby brothers. Adorable!

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I hope you guys liked this blog! I wanted to share more of my childhood memories and give you an insight on my life before Teen Mom!